925 Sterling Silver Baobab Stud Earrings
925 Sterling Silver Baobab Stud Earrings

925 Sterling Silver Baobab Stud Earrings

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Beautiful 925 Sterling Silver Tree of Life Stud Earrings

Regarded as a universal symbol of resilience and strength. The Tree of Life is also closely tied to family and our connection to the past and future generations. 

Perfect as a gift for a close friend or family member. For people starting a new chapter in their lives or as a thank you to a grounding force in your own life. A beautiful reminder of the family and love that surrounds us. 

Celebrities spotted wearing Tree of Life Jewellery include Lauren Conrad and Emmy Rossum.

The Tree of life or Tree of Knowledge as it is also known is not exclusive to any religion or culture and it’s history has spanned the world over many centuries. Growing from a seed, developing roots, branching out and growing fruit to give life to the next generation it is a beautiful illustration of the circle of life.

In Africa, the Tree of Life has close ties to the Baobab tree. A life giving force - Baobab trees can actually create their own ecosystems; providing shelter, nourishment and sustaining various forms of life. 

The roots are associated with our history and heritage, connecting ourselves to the earth, our ancestry and our families.The trunk or body of the tree represents strength, stability and abundance. While the branches denote growth, potential, fertility and renewal.