Information & FAQ



Who we are: 

Crafty Market is an online platform showcasing South African artists, crafters, designers, creatives and entrepreneurs. We believe in supporting and buying local. When you buy local, it stays local.

More jobs, businesses and opportunities will be created which all helps to grow our beautiful country.


What can I sell in the Crafty Market Marketplace?

Any product that has been created, designed or manufactured by you. If your product is created, designed or manufactured by someone else you need their permission to sell this product



How to join the Crafty Market family and start selling your Products?

Send us a Proposal email to: with the following:

  1. Introduction: Who you are and some information on your products.
  2. Pictures: Pictures of your products you would like to sell.
  3. Pricing: An approximate price range of your products.


If we believe your products are a good fit for the marketplace then we will send you a Seller Information form and a New Products form.


What about storage and logistics?

Once approved you will need to send your products to our storage & fulfilment facility in Cape Town.


From there we will handle everything:

Your products and pictures will be uploaded to the site.

Quantities and Prices are assigned.

We will handle the delivery to the customer on all sales made.


Product Photography:

We encourage products pictures to be clear and complementary images of your products. They must be on a white background. We do have an in house photographer who can assist with Product Photography at a small fee if you require.  We want you to do well, so the more your product stands out among the rest the more sales you will make.


Do I need to live in South Africa to sell on Crafty Market?

Yes, you do. Crafty Market is a South African Marketplace and all products sold with be within South Africa.


Do I need to sign any contracts?

No. You will not be tied into any contracts. If you decide to leave us at any time your products in stock will be taken off the site and you will be able to arrange them to be couriered back to you. However, this will be at the sellers cost.



How will I know if I made sales and what my stock quantities are?

We will send a sales report for the month only if sales were made.

A stock quantity report can be sent upon request.


Seller Payments to Crafty Market:

Monthly package payments need to be made before the 1st of every month. When joining you will be required to pay a once-off setup fee of R150.


Crafty Market Payments to Seller:

Crafty Market payments to sellers for the monthly products sold will be paid out on the 3rd of every month. There will be a R35 pay-out fee deducted from your total amount sold. This is what Payfast charges us when we do a pay-out. You will not be charged this amount if you didn’t sell any products for the month. Please remember to fill out your banking details on the attached Seller Information Form.



If you need any assistance or have any queries you can

Email: or WhatsApp: 0662941717